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Through my practice, I help make a way by which others can fulfill themselves, prosper, and leave behind the spiritual poverty of trauma. My role is as a spiritual counselor, one who is completely trauma informed and able to facilitate change toward emotional healing and spiritual growth. Metaphysics refers to the transcendent, a reality that lies outside what we perceive with our physical senses. The metaphysical practitioner is one who is sensitive to the nonphysical and attuned to subtle energies such as soul and spirit. Using these sensibilities, the metaphysical practitioner may help others find their own personal understanding and connection with Source. Thought as energy enters as a powerful vehicle for transformation.

There are as many belief systems as there are people on the planet. It is through trauma that we experience disconnection from Source. Healing trauma repairs that separation, and the re-connection to one’s self is highly joyful—it’s like coming home. I believe we came to this physical plane for the myriad of experiences we behold but not without the energetic presence of our partner in co-creation: Universal Mind.



My practice is a place where I strive to build/restore a sense of belonging in the community, knowing that trauma causes isolation, This is a safe environment or even safe house if you will. I have vowed to value integrity and ethical practices. I value diversity. I enjoy my relationships and healing work.  My clients and I frequently laugh and have fun. I strive to communicate my desire to facilitate change for clients, to treat everyone with equanimity, and to help bring balance into their lives as part of the healing process.
Réa Kironn, D. Min.


Code of Ethics

I uphold a Code of Ethics as required through my memberships with:  American Institute of Health Care Professional’s,  International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and HEartMath Institute, which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Do no harm. Do what is right. I work for the highest good of all concerned. I respect a client’s right to self-development and self-direction. I respect the client’s right of choice, including responsibilities for goals reached, as long as the client’s choices do not cause harm to self or others. I vow not to let personal suffering show forth in a way that could affect our work.
  2. Non-Discrimination. I do not discriminate with regard to services that are defined or prescribed by law.
  3. Disclosure and informed consent, confidentiality. I disclose my qualifications and fees. I require a client-signed consent form before practicing with  clients. I seek outside guidance when dealing with any legal or ethical concerns related my practice or services. I preserve client confidentiality under all circumstances unless otherwise required by law.
  4. Professional Integrity. I strive to maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct under all circumstances. I maintain a professional and orderly appearance in my outreach, advertising, and professional and personal environments.
  5. Professional Discretion. I practice with full presence of mind, and never beyond the scope of my training, qualifications, and abilities. I uphold the right to refuse service or refer a client, if necessary. I do not practice medical diagnosis or prescribe. I maintain HIPPA protected email.
  6. Professional Boundaries. I maintain professional boundaries with clients and avoid conflicts of interest, over-familiarity, and sexual harassment.
  7. Legal Conformity and Insurance. I comply with state and federal laws, and maintain professional liability insurance where available for my practice.
  8. Record Keeping. I maintain clear, honest, and factual records for a minimum of seven years.
  9. Continuing Education. I am a life- long learner striving to keep a high image of Spirit and Metaphysics before the community, contribute to the field, and to serve humanity, each in my own unique way.
  10. Personal and Spiritual Belief. I believe that every man, woman, child, animal and plant is a manifestation of the God-force energy and as such is spirit, aura, soul and connection to Source. Any outside interference with these interconnections is not acceptable to me. I believe the human mind, body, spirit, and soul are sacred within a holy vessel which is the body. I do not accept interference with my spiritual nature, growth, or practice through the use of invasive testing of any kind, unwanted pharmaceuticals,  chemicals,, implants, nano-particulates, vaccines, artificial intelligence, or any other invasive measures or technologies which I deem may damage the spirit, body, mind or soul and thus compromise our relationship with Source Energy.

This is an Oregon registered sole proprietorship.

Rev. Dr. Réa Kironn – Credentials

  • Ordained Metaphysical Minister, ICMT
  • Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, International College of Metaphysical Theology.
  • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min), Master of Metaphysical Theology (M.MT), International College of Metaphysical Theology.
  • Spiritual Counselor – Certified (SC-C), American Institute of Health Care Professionals.
  • Pastoral Thanatology Specialist (PT-CSp.), The American Academy of Grief Counseling.
  • Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner
  • Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner, HeartMath Institute.
  • Member Of:
    • International Metaphysical Practitioners Association
    • American Institute of Health Care Professionals
    • Charter for Compassion
    • International Church of Metaphysical Humanism


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